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EXPECTATIONS. Expectations in our lives are what we can call an idea of how specific things should look like, how specific people should behave or how we should behave. They are demands we put on ourselves or others. When reality doesn’t meet our expectations, we are disappointed. Great examples of disappointments are in love or at work. The demands we had on our partner didn’t meet with his/her character and behavior. Or five years ago we thought about a managing position which we don’t have now. When our expectantions don’t meet the reality, frustrastion or even anger arises.

👍Little analysis of where you stand right now helps. Lets try to evaluate a couple of significant areas in your life. Do you have them? Lets try to evaluate each of them on a scale from 1-10.
1 being the lowest, 10 the maximum of your satisfaction.
Are you at a 5? What are you missing to get to a 10? More attention from your partner, more free time?
Only you know the right answer 🙂