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TO LIVE CONCIOUSLY. I know, it sounds a bit esoteric. But I mean this simply by the fact that, before each significant decision we should ask ourselves, what is the motive of our behavior, what is the goal and what will happen after we complete it (if it should end). How will the specific decision/behavior affect you, your surroundings, what effort is necessary etc. It is probably not even important to point out life events such as a wedding, having a baby or a job change. Even a slight analysis of our daily behavior and routine, usually we bring them from our families and these habits wouldn’t be beneficial for our longterm goals (do we need to clean our flat everyday for two hours instead of spending time with our partner or kids?). Try to set and target – the most imporant areas of your life – where are you heading. You can get a clearer picture of your future and borders between you and your surroundings. Useful could be a great book ,,Start with why” from Simon Sinek (especially for entrepeneurs).