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I hear it often and I experience it in my family too. It is a story of marketing, current political scene or media nowadays. I feel that it is highly useful to point out a couple of important facts, how to recognize a manipulative communication. (And how to react to it, you will find out next Sunday). So here are a couple of signs you communicate with a manipulative person:

1. You never know where you stand – your uncertainty is what makes him or her stronger.
2. The way of communication makes you feel worthless (aggresion, blame, silence) and dependent on such a person.
3. You won’t find a balance in the area of communication from his/her needs – either such a person doesn’t name them openly (but you can be sure that you will know about them) or you feel overhelmed by the persons needs.
4. Moralize – they are experts on almost everything and especially on how others should live.

You can bet that longterm you are not going to feel very well in manipulators company. Just recall the number of people who are able to move from their family a thousand miles away. You can that it is likely possible, that they have a manipulative person within their immediate family.