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With writing this post I have been inspired by Shopaholic Nicol. As a mother I don’t have so much time to watch youtubers, but this girl I appreciate. Firstly she loves good breakfasts as much as I do:) and she is authentic, open and not affraid of topics which are much more deeper then the usual YouTube content.

She is great, she’s found the courage to talk about such a private topic. Honor belongs to every single person who takes care of themselves even regarding to their mental health. I was asking myself what is the difference between a coach and psychologist (and the role of a psychologist Nicol described perfectly in her video: sorry – in Czech only).

The main differences are: 

A psychologist or therapist CURES and very often they go to the past – you would probably talk about a traumatizing experience from the past or about other mentaly unpleseant states you possibly could have.
You would visit them probably every week (once or twice a week, one session is usually between 20 and 40 EUR).

It is highly recommended to find a psychologist when:

  • you have problems to sleep
  • you feel anxiety, you go through states of panic or you are in a period when
  • you cry a lot even without any objective reason
  • you still cannot process a traumatizing experience
  • you dont have any particular life energy for a longer period of time

Be aware that a really good coach is not even trying to replace the services of a psychologist (the exception is when he/she has such a education). A good coach has a list of psychologists and is able to recommend one.

With a coach you will work on – your goals, your life expectations, your values and your future. Usually it is enough to have one or two sessions per month and the length of a contract is related to a specific topic you have.

A serious coach will offer you a free trial session, but most importantly, they are no upfront payments (or pre-paid packages). The same as with a psychologist – the coaching process is longterm work, but this doesnt mean you will be satisfied after a couple of sessions. Unfortunately, there are a lot of coaches in the market – some of them great, usually working for large companies, with appropriate education and they charge quite significant amounts. And the others – coaches with no appropriate education or experience, very often having strong marketing. That means, that the prices vary a lot (corporate coaches cost usually from 200 to 400 EUR per session, lifestyle coaches between 40 to 100 EUR).

What are the specific topics great for a coach?

  • you miss vision, mission or meaning in your life
  • you have the feeling that nothing particular is happening in your life
  • you are not able to achieve the things in your life
  • you need to set a strategy on how to reach your goal
  • the same unpleseant situations are reoccuring in your life and you have
  • the feeling, that is because of your attitude
  • you just experience a new situation in your life (parenting, new job