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VALUES. They are the core of everything in our life, despite that it is not easy to define them. With my clients we approach this topic very very slowly. Values are our fuel. We make decisions according to them – how we will spend our free time, how would our personal or career life look like or what will our shopping choices look like. Corporations all over the world pay huge amounts of money to consultants to spot values in their companies. Values partially set our expectations in our life. So, if for instance your values are to relax and have peace, how do they go together with your demanding 60 Hours per week work life style? Do you already understand, where the stress and tension comes from?

And how you can identify your values?
👍👍Lets try to answer the following three questions:

1. In which moments have I felt most happy/fullfiled?
2. With whom was I with in these moments?
3. What other important element helped me to be happy in this particular moment(s)?

My values are beyond among other things, freedom and family. What are yours?