Me and clients

Who I am

I am a mother and wife.

I am a realist and a pragmatic.

I am a human ,constantly learning about myself
and life (currently how not to be that demanding
on myself:) I feel the most free when I work
in my own way.

I am a lecturer and a corporate HR professional.
I have experience working with and at business
ranging from small to corporate (cooperation
with managers and individuals, design and providing
tenths of assesment centres, workshops and trainings).

Since I was a little girl I was interested
in observing people´s behaviour and their motivation
behind their motives and how they sense reality. I see
what is beneath the surface and even the things which
are not visible for others. I like to move things forward
and look for a solution to current and new life situations.

Education, courses

  • Coaching Systems, Academy of coaching excellence, Practicioner
  • Kain Ramsey, Life Coaching (NLP aproach)
  • Lou Adler, Performance Based Hiring Methodology
  • Test Group - The Bridge Personality Questionare Certification
  • QED, Facilitation skills
  • University Ostrava, Faculty of Arts – Department of applied psychology, social politics with counseling profile

I am a graduate of a training accredited by international professional companies EMCC and ICF which means my work is according to standards:
– Being under regular professional supervision
– Constantly working on myself - as a human, as a professional
– Working with my clients according to several boundaries and rules

Who are my clients

People who believe that they have direct impact on things happening in their lives. People who look for solutions to situations which are directly connected to their existence (career, business or parental issues). They are openminded and reliable.

References upon request.