I have visited this coach to prepare myself to search for a new job. It boosted my self-confidence, I got to know myself better, I can also define my potential better. I highly recommend Katerina.

Jana R.

I have been visiting Katerina already for a couple of months now and I can write some positives. She is very sensible, intuitive, nice lady, who helped me a lot and I am very thankful. We solved isssues regarding my mum, from which a lot of blocks and problems came to mind. Through the questions I have realised many things and also I was able to forgive some things. I realised how I pushed myself into the things I didn´t really want and hurt myself. Finally I was able to change that. Many thanks again!

Zuzka G.

I have cooperated with Katerina Golembiowski only recently, she was helping me update my professional CV. I highly appreciate her open approach and also her international backround. I was very satisfied and I definitely recommend her.

Roman Hubálek

“What to say about Katka? Our outcomes are always appropriate to what we are discussing. We started with the personal life and ended with the very practical things connected to work life. I very appreciated summarising what I said by Katka, I had straight feedback and I had a chance to hear and feel it. I must say that lot of thigs had changed. My personal life is more settled – I have found my inner borders – with that I left from the first meetings. And very last meeting was the most practical.”

Václav Blahovec

Cooperation with corporate clients

Preparation of executives for a conference presentation. 


Lecture on Motivation